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Men Over 30 – Wet Lovers

Another fresh week and time to see another men over 30 update. Again with another two guys that have been the main stars here in the past, bu you know that our guys don’t get that tile lightly, so yeah. These two are doing their post gym fuck as well, and as you can see they’re still in the showering area too. It seems that they couldn’t even wait to get out. But anyway, was you know, this site is the best place to come and visit when you want to see some pretty amazing menover30 getting to get down and dirty with each other and fuck hard. And these two here know how to do it in such a way to keep you entertained too!


They lay some towels on the bench there as you can see and they begin to play all nice and kinky. See them kiss and caress as they get touchy feely with one another and soon you get to see the younger hairy guy getting to be the one to take it up the ass. That’s why he gets his ass rimmed while he sucks the guy with the mustache off and after that he gets to spread his legs for him and moan in pleasure as he gets to take it missionary style from him up the ass. To boot you get to see them cumming on each other too. Lucky they were near the showers to clean up after. And you can also check out the past scenes as well to see even more gorgeous gay porn scenes!

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To Shave or Not To Shave

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back. You get to see another show with men over 30 unfold and it’s as juicy as always. And as you can probably tell, it’s the same two guys that got you entertained last week with their naughty show too. By the looks of it, they didn’t get to have enough fun with each other last time and they just had to get to play together once more to fulfill that need. Anyway, let’s get right into this one as you most definitely need to see round two of the two guys getting to fuck hard for your viewing pleasure too. And the sex session that they get to have in this menover30 scene is even better than last time too!

So it’s practically a continuation of last week’s action scene straight up and as the two get into the middle of it, you can watch some more extra cock sucking getting done as the guy wants the ginger stud all nice and hard. And on top of that, you can see him helping the guy rubber up as he then gets to take it in the ass. Watch him boned from the back by the ginger haired guy and see him love it too. We’re sure that you will adore the fun that they get to have with one another and naturally we will bring you even more to see next week as well. But for now just check this one out and let’s hope that we get to see these two play more in the future too!


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Men Over 30 – Fitness Desire

Welcome back yet again to another gorgeous men over 30 scene with two gorgeous men that get to have some naughty fun for you while you watch them getting nasty. The story goes that they are just fresh out of their gym workout and they hit the showers and since they were the last ones around to get to leave, they decided to use the locker as their personal fuck space today. With that in mind, let’s get ready to see another simply amazing and hot menover30 scene with two absolutely amazing hunks. And of course with that you can take your sweet time to see two studs getting to fuck one another hard style and you can check out the whole thing without delay!


So yeah, like we said, you get to watch them make their entry as soon as they get out of the shower and it looks like they are both set to get dirty once more and we don’t mean that just figuratively either. You’ve gotten to see both of these guys play here before by the way and you know just how good they are at getting down and dirty too. They were a perfect match for each other and we bet that you will agree as well as soon as you get to see them starting to play on the screen. The blonde stud takes his time to pound the other guy’s ass for the whole afternoon and you can take your time to truly enjoy it here today. Anyway, see you next time!

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Spank My Cuban Ass

You came back at just the right time to check out a brand new and fresh men over 30 scene with some hot studs getting naughty. And as the title says, in this one you get to see a horny Cuban dude getting his cute ass worked in all kinds of ways by our designated hunk too. Rest assured that the two got to have quite a lot of fun with one another here and it’s quite the juicy little gallery to check out for sure. We bet that you can barely wait yourselves to see what these two were all about so let’s get to see this kinky menover30 scene unfold for you without anymore delay as the two guys get to do some S&M fucking as well for this one!

We say some S&M fucking because the guy gets to have his ass spanked by our guy at first. It seems that that turns the guy on to no end and he was very very willing to show that off before he got to have that dick all up in his ass for the afternoon. So let’s not waste time and get to check out the guy taking off his pants and bending over for the other guy to get a nice spanking from him for the better part of the scene. Once those buttocks were nice and red he was rock hard too and eager to take it in his ass of course. Something that the other guy is finally getting to do and you can just see him ram that ass hard style for the rest of this scene!


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Men Over 30 – First 3-way

Another fresh week and time to see another amazing and hot men over 30 update here today. We know how much you adore seeing hot guys getting nasty with each other so we bring you another gallery featuring a couple of them that you have seen here before. Though one of them has never had a threesome. Yes, another threesome is the show for this one as you guys seem to just adore as many of these guys as possible in action fucking each other senseless. Anyway, the new guy had the other two to teach him every trick he needs for this menover30 sex session so you can sit back and enjoy this threeway with lots of anal sex here!


Once they do get started, you can see them entering the bedroom where they plan to have their fun and right from the start they are already naked as you can see. Well they aim to get to do the nasty fast without delay and that leads to lots and lots of oral action and some sixty nineing along with other stuff to make sure that all of them are rock hard and ready to play nasty too. That foreplay soon leads to the proper sexual action unninterupted on the bed and the guys go ahead and take turns to fuck each other. See them ending up covered in each other’s man juices as well before the end. Enjoy the view and do come back again soon for another fresh collection of hot hunks!

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Paying Your Bills

For this week’s show you can see a dude getting to pay his bills in a nasty way here at men over 30 and there’s a lot going on in his scene, so let’s get right to it and check him out in action. You see, bills tend to pile up if you don’t take care of them and this guy seems to have gotten a visit from the landlord. Rent is way overdue and there’s no more delays that the guy can take. Well our guy can’t cover the cost flat out now, but he has an idea. And by the looks of this juicy scene, you can tell that the guy was down with his plan. Let’s see this menover30 getting to pay his bills today by offering up his ass for a nice and hard style pounding today!

So as we mentioned, he makes his proposal to the guy and the latter is all ears. He’s got a thing for muscled guys like him with nice and tight asses and he kind of always wanted to bang this guy’s brains out for sure before. Well now he has the chance to and before you know it they’re all naked with the debtee sitting on the bed with this legs spread open and waiting patiently for the guy to take his ass for this afternoon. Which he does of course. So sit back and watch them fucking hard and rough all over the place today and enjoy the view of this gorgeous scene. We’ll see you again next week with another scene and even more content!


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Men Over 30 – Beer Can Cock

Today’s scene has two of the best men over 30 that you can see around the site and it’s just too good to pass up. Now you know that we regularly have some bears here getting to have fun with each other and every single scene has them playing nasty and kinky too. But these two take that whole thing to a new level as they get to party hard and there’s a lot that they get to show off in their naughty scene here today. Get ready to see a pair of menover30 getting down and dirty with each other and check them out getting to bang hard just for your viewing pleasure here. So let’s get their show going without delay to check them out in some nasty action!


The hunks make it a show out of undressing and showing off. They want to make sure that you get to see each and every inch of their lovely bodies this afternoon and they seem to enjoy the action quite a lot as they put themselves on display for you all. So after letting you see them pose sensually and sexy too see some pretty sensual foreplay as well as they finally take their place in bed. And then you can check them out taking their time to fully fuck one another nice and deep in the ass and enjoying themselves as much as they can. We’ll bring you much more to see next week so make sure that you drop by to check the action out as usual!

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Hard To Be A Dr

Well here we are once again and as you can see we’re all prepared to see another superb sex men over 30 show go down with some amazing studs this afternoon. It looks like there’s another threesome getting done with these three and you just have to check it out. The setting is that they are at the doctor’s. And well only one of them is the doc, the other is a nurse, and the patient? Well you can see him being right there in the middle between these two guys here today. Well rest assured that he absolutely adored where he was in this scene and you are about to see him receive quite a lot of dick this afternoon without delay. So let those menover30 cameras roll!

So get settled in and watch them start off their naughty scene with some kissing and caressing of course and the doc with help from the nurse gets to undress the guy and show off his body for you and the cameras as well. Either way it makes for some pretty intensely passionate moments and the guys sure know how to be a tease of course. The action goes on that examination bed and you can bet that they put it to tremendous good use this afternoon. See the the nurse and the doc fucking the guy from both ends here today and watch him getting a pretty thorough dicking from them. We’ll return next week with another new and hot scene!


Take a look at this jock getting fucked by his doctors!

Men Over 30 – Wood Shop

Hey there guys, and welcome back to a new and fresh men over 30 scene here with more hot and eager studs getting wild and naughty with each other in front of the cameras. All you need to do is sit back and relax as you get to check out this gorgeous update with the two studs getting to play with each other and nothing else. They got the afternoon free and as you can see, the action takes place in their wood working shop. They just got too horny to do anything else and they planned to fully take advantage of having the place to themselves to get to do nasty and hard fucking in this amazing and hot menover30 scene for the afternoon!


So they had this nice little mattress set up there as well to aid them in their naughty play session and they fully took advantage of the whole thing as well. Just sit back and let’s get the show rolling to watch the guys getting undressed and ready for the real action part of this show which means that they get to do some proper foreplay with kissing, caressing and proper dick sucking too. Take your time to then see the two studs taking turns to fuck one another in the ass and have fun with it. They took extended time to get to show everything to you and you can bet that it was amazing. See you next week with another new and fresh gallery update!

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Fucking at Work

Men over 30 is back in action this week and we have some more superb scenes that you can check out this week. This time in particular we have such an amazing show to show you that you will not believe it. These two guys here ended up playing in a clothes store and you can bet that they did the nasty. Well today you get to check them out in action as well and you just have to see the thing go down without delay here for the afternoon. When the show begins, the two will be unstoppable in their little fuck session here and you can bet that you just have to see the two menover30 getting wild and nasty with one another in front of the cameras for you all!

Well, once they get going you can see the losing their clothes fast. The spot itself is the storage area of the store and this hairy dude’s boyfriend dropped by at his workplace to have some naughty times. They do have to be a bit fast though as they don’t need to be caught in the act and in such a kinky place fucking either. So once they get going the hairy guy gets to bend over for his friend and you can see the guy moaning in pleasure as he gets to take it doggie style for the whole scene here this afternoon. There will be more new and fresh scenes to see next week so just take your time to watch some sensual action!


Take a look at this guy getting fucked at work!

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