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Men Over 30 – Making partners

Last updated: February 23rd, 2017
Another fresh week and time for another new men over 30 scene. Today we have Drake and Jake that you got to see together in a past scene too. The horny studs in the last scene they shared got to have some hard style and steamy sex in the kitchen after they had a nice date. Well today we bring you the video of the said scene, and let’s just get thins straight. This is even more hotter than that scene, so make sure that you see each and every second of this amazing video today. If you don’t you’ll be missing on a great show with two amazing and sexy studs fucking nice and hard for your enjoyment. So let’s see the action.

Drake was doing some work in the kitchen, but he notices that Jake enters the room too, and he seems to be in the mood to fuck. Drake was pretty pleased with this as he was just eager to take a cock pounding in the ass too. But not so fast, as Drake told him that he’s going to be the one to be first to take a ass fucking. Well no problem as Jake fully intended to anally please his partner today. So take the time and see the sexy and horny stud Drake as he gets to bend over and take that serious cock nice and deep in his fine ass for this whole menover30 video today. We hope you liked it as always, and just like always we’ll have more to show off soon! If you’re looking for some similar hardcore gay sex videos, check out the site and watch some horny gay guys fucking each other’s tight ass!

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Men Over 30 Alessio and Nick in locker room fuck

Hey there once more everyone and welcome back to another sizzling hot and fresh men over 30 update. This day we have the hot stud Alessio and his fuck buddy Nick, which you both saw in past scenes, making a comeback just for you. You got to see them have some fun in the past, but you will be blown away by this new video with them today. Alessio takes the role of a coach that wants to motivate his player to do better on the field, and he has quite the nice idea to do that as well. Let’s see what it was.

Turns out that Nick just needed to have some sexual release and his ass fucked, and Alessio understands this as his trainer. So he decided to help out after his practice. He waited for him in the locker room, and once he got him there, he had him sucking his cock. After that, he had Nick lay on a bench and spreading his legs to take that man love nice and deep in his ass. So enjoy seeing Nick having his cute tight ass fucked by the coaches’ nice and hard cock today, and have fun with the menover30 video! If you liked this scene and you’re looking for a similar video, you can watch this great titan men office fuck scene! Have fun & stay tuned!

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Doc Rock and Alex Adams

This week we have turned the tables with this new men over 30 videos update. We have Doc Rock and Alex Adams in this new scene. But this time the mature guy is the one to get his ass penetrated. Alex was doe to learn how to follow commands on how hard to fuck a nice and tight ass, and Doc is here to let him fuck his ass and teach him just that. Let’s get this show started and see the two guys in action as they fuck hard style just for your enjoyment today everyone shall we? it’s quite the show to see too.

Doc gets to suck and deep throat that fresh cock with his lips and expert tongue, and then he lays on his back in the chair, with his legs in the air and spread wide and waiting for Alex to shove that man meat in. At first he has him going slow in his penetration, but he makes him build up momentum, and sure enough eventually, you get to see Doc getting his nice and fine ass rammed by the guy’s hard cock hard style. We hope you’ll enjoy it, and for now we’ll take our leave and meeting you next week with another men over 30 scene! Until then, you can join my first daddy site and watch some dirty old men fucking!



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Cameron Kincade and Matt Stevens

Talking about fresh guys, this Men Over 30 update has Matt Stevens and that happens to be a new stud here. He was joined by another one of our expert mature studs that you got to see here in the past straining guys like him how to take it in the ass, and his name is Cameron Kincade. You have seen him in the past like we said as he got to train new studs with his nice and tick cock, and today’s turn was reserved for Matt and his naughty fresh ass. So let’s not drag this any longer as we bet that you are also eager to see the two in action today. Let’s see the scene start and enjoy the view of these two hunk fucking hard style on the floor.


Matt was quite the surprise for Cameron today, as he proved to be quite the little anal slut as you will see. Take your time to see him working Cameron’s nice and big cock with his lips, and then see him offering up his ass for a nice fucking. Cameron was quick to oblige, and plants his fat cock balls deep in that ass without delay. So watch him pumping Matt’s fine ass with his hard meat pole, and see Matt begging him to fuck him in the ass faster and harder, which Cameron also does. It all ends with Matt having and orgasm and jizzing himself, and Cameron blowing a load all over that nice and tight ass too! If you liked this menover30 scene and you’re looking for similar hardcore gay sex videos and pics, enter the site and have a great time watching some horny twinks getting their tight asses fucked!

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Men Over 30 – Joe Parker and Lucas Allen

This is one new and hot menover30 video that we’re sure will be to your liking. This time we have Joe Parker partnering up with Lucas Allen in their new superb scene and it’s quite the amazing show to watch as always. You also got to see them in separate scenes, but today they are in a single one. They are probably the most passionate guys that we ever had the luck of having here, and it’s quite nice to watch the show with them as they get to have some nice and passionate and steamy gay sex for the cameras and you guys today!

As this scene beings, the two studs being by kissing each other with a fiery passion first and foremost, and as they do that they also get to take off their clothes and reveal their nice bodies to each other and you guys. Lucas is the one to take it up the ass, so he gets to sit in the chair and spread his legs wide open after a blowjob that he gave Joe to get him hard. See him taking it in the ass balls deep like a champ today, and enjoy the new and fresh men over 30 update. We’ll see you again soon as always with more galleries! If you’re looking for similar hardcore gay sex videos and pics, check out the bait buddies blog and have fun! Bye for now!


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Alessio Romero and Rogue Status

Another fresh week, and time to see some more nice men over 30 galleries with some a fresh new stud today. The names of the hot stud is Rogue Status, and he’s here with Alessio Romero, that you have seen in many more past scenes teaching new guys the inner works. Alessio is the perfect choice to break in new guys with his mighty cock and sexual prowess, and he sure had his hands…and well his cock full too with this sexy new guy today. Let’s see him getting around to teach this guy how to take a nice and fat cock in the ass and let’s watch them enjoying their time together for the afternoon today.

men-over-30-alessio-romero-and-rogue-status-fucking men-over-30-alessio-romero-and-rogue-status

Alessio has Rogue starting to work his cock first to get it hard, and he does that as he also wants to make sure that he has the skills that he needs to offer a nice and great blow job session too. Rest assured that he was more than up to par with the request, and as a reward, Alessio set out to pound that tight ass with his mighty cock as Rogue was riding him on top of the couch fast and hard too. The whole scene featuring naked men horny comes to an end with Rogue presenting his face for Alessio to blow his load, and the latter unleashes quite the big and sticky jizz load all over his face as well. We hope you enjoyed your stay everyone. If you enjoyed this men over 30 scene, you can visit the kristenbjorn site and watch some gorgeous gay guys fucking each other’s tight ass!

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Men Over 30 – Rich Kelly and Lucas Allen

Time to bring you a fresh and hot men over 30 porn update this week once more. And we are sure that you will love this one too, as we paired together two more of our hot and horny studs. They are Rich Kelly and Lucas Allen and they know how to party, that’s for sure. Today the two of them wanted to spend the afternoon fucking, and luckily the cameras caught each and every thing that the two horny studs did around the living room today. So let’s see them in action with this new and fresh scene today shall we?

They were eager to fuck and enjoy themselves, so first off you get to watch them making quick work of each others clothes and getting naked to expose those sizzling hot bodies to each other and the cameras for starters. Then the two of them get straight to work on the floor, and you get to see Kelly being the man slut and taking it nice and deep up the ass today. Lucas continues to pump that tight ass full of his big cock, and in the end he pulls out and blows his load all over his buddy’s sexy body too! For similar hardcore menover30 sex scenes, check out the site and see some tranny beauties sucking and fucking senseless!



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Adam Herst and Casey Williams

Adam Herst is the new fresh hot guy here, and he’s with Casey Williams in this superb and fresh men over 30 scene, sharing some hard style sexual moments together. Take your time to enjoy this new update as you get to see the two grown men in a nice and hard style fuck fest all over the living room in this evening update. Casey is on duty to teach him all about gay sexual pleasures today, and rest assured that he did one awesome job of it too. Let’s not delay the show and see them in action as they please each other’s fine asses today.

men-over-30-adam-herst-and-casey-williams-blowjob men-over-30-adam-herst-and-casey-williams-in-hardcore-fuck

The scene starts with the hot Adam undressing first, and showing off his amazing body to his new fuck buddy Casey. Well Casey has him kneeling down, and whipping out his cock, he lets Adam have as much fun as he wants with it. Watch him wrapping his expert lips around Casey’s nice and fat cock to get it nice and hard, and then as Casey lays on the couch, he takes his spot on top of his dick. See him riding it with his tight ass as Casey jerks him off too and see the two studs enjoying their time together today here at menover30! For similar gay sex galleries, you can enter the Euro gay porn website. Have fun!

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Men Over 30 – Locker room sex

Hi there once more everyone, and welcome back to a fresh and hot men over 30 scene as per usual. This week you get to see two horny and hairy muscled hunks as they get to have some hard style locker room sex sessions and it’s quite fun to see. If you want to see more studs like these, just click here and enjoy. Anyway, getting back to our current hot and sexy scene today, you can enjoy the two men as they get to enjoy a whole afternoon filled with anal sex pleasures and cock sucking as well. We know that you will adore this one and you will definitely not regret taking the time to stop by and watch it. Let’s get it started and see the two men at play.

The cameras start rolling, and the two mature studs have just returned from their workout at the gym. well both of them got really horny and in the mood to fuck. And since they were the only two there, it was the perfect time to get to do some nice and hard fucking with each other. Take your time to see them sucking each other’s cocks, and then watch that guy lay on his back and spreading his long legs for his muscled buddy to shove his mighty cock deep inside his horny and eager ass today. You get to see him moaning in pleasure as he gets his nice ass stretched today, and he lets the stud jizz his ass as well at the end too. For other hardcore gay sex video, check out my first daddy site and watch some old men sucking and fucking some big cocks!


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Vance Crawford and Bryce Evans

Hey there guys, and welcome to some new and hot men over 30 scenes. Bryce Evans gets to come back in another amazing scene as he gets to have some fun with another guy that you got to see here by the name of Vance Crawford. Like we said, you got to see Bryce in another past scene, and as you know he was quite amazing in it too. Well you just need to watch him in action with Bryce for today too, as the hot hunks sure have a lot of chemistry together. So let’s get their show on the road!


As the menover30 scene starts with the two of them, the horny studs get straight to work. They lay in bed, and in a nice and hot sixty nine position they start to suck and slurp on each other’s fine and big cocks to get them nice and hard for each other’s asses. You know that Bryce was the one to be the man slut in the scene he was part of last time, but this time, Vance has him on equal standing, so you get to see both of them taking turns to also fuck each other’s nice and tight butts for the whole afternoon. Check out the official Men Over 30 Twitter account, for more details! If you liked this scene, you can enter the site and watch some hot straight guys in their first hardcore gay experience!

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