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Another fresh week and welcome to a brand new gay fuck fest from menover30 com today once more! As you know for sure by now, this site is the number one go to place for you if you want to enjoy some superb and sexy scenes with some incredible hunks and like always we do not disappoint today either! In this new video update you can see another pair of jocks playing in the locker room just as you got to see the studs last week. Well this new pair is even hornier and ready to fuck as they were just done with practice and they were horny as fuck. Let’s check their superb and juicy men over 30  scene to watch them having some great times toghether!

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Pretty much as soon as the cameras start to roll, you can watch the two having a chat about practice. But they kinda admit to one another that they think each other looks pretty good. From there to them undressing and showing off their bodies completely nude it’s a very short distance. And now that they were completely nude, you can bet that they were down to do even more kinky stuff. Check out lots of passionate cock sucking and anal rimming getting done in this one before the proper anal fucking begins too. With that being said we’re going to take our leave for the week. See you next time and do remember to check out the past scenes for even more great content!

Men Over 30 Porn Video

Hey there guys and gals and allow us to welcome you back to some more juicy over 30 porn here today. As you can clearly see from the preview, this scene involves a pretty sweet and superb video with the two hunks fucking for your entertainment and theirs too. This coach wanted to motivate his star athlete to do better as he seems to be slacking off recently and he had to think about a solution to the problem. Well you get to see what that solution was in their time spent together this afternoon but you can be sure that it involved some rough boundgods anal sex at the very least as you are about to see in this men over 30 scene here this week!

Well either way, when the cameras roll, the guy comes into the locker room to find the guy all alone prepping to hit the showers. He sits down and has a long chat with him. Well it seems that the guy just needs to blow off some steam and his boyfriend broke up with him. And now he has no cock to ride. It’s okay as the coach is there for the guy and you can see him taking his time to take the guy’s pants off and lick his ass in a nice rimming session to start things off. Then the guy gets to lay on his back, legs spread wide, and moan in pleasure as the coach’s cock pleases his tight ass for the rest of the scene. We’ll see you again next week with more!

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Half Hearted

Welcome, there’s some new and hot men over 30 com scenes with hot hunks plowing each other’s asses. And naturally we have some juicy new scenes to show you with these hot guys here. This couple seems to have ended up plowing and fucking in the kitchen and trust us when we say, it’s a pretty awesome and sexy scene to say the least. So do take your time to check out the entire thing without delay as you are about to watch two hot and sexy muscular studs having some steamy gay sex for your viewing pleasure here in this menover30 scene. Well, we bet you are interested so let’s just get the show rolling to watch the two have some fun!


As we mentioned, the whole thing took place in the kitchen it seems and the two hunks were very very eager to get to have their fun. You can see those clothes flying off fast too. Well the more mature stud wants to teach the younger one some new tricks so you can bet that they ended up using the counters around the place to the fullest. Anyway, sit back, relax and enjoy this one without further delay if you want to see some hot guys fucking in some sensual and crazy positions today on camera. And naturally you can drop by again next week for another new and hot update as well. All you need to do is just make sure you come around to check it out!

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MenOver30 Dirty Talk

It’s that time of the week again and you know that that means that a new gay fuck is here for you to see and enjoy. This one is called Dirty Talk, and as the name would imply, the two guys fucking in this week’s gallery get to do plenty of talking nasty to one another. Well that doesn’t mean that that’s the only thing that these two do. You get to see plenty of other nasty stuff going down in their nasty men over 30 scene here and it’s full of wonderfully amazing and sensual sex possitions as the two hot studs fuck each other hard style today for you. So let’s just get the cameras rolling already shall we everyone? We know that you want to enjoy them too!

They had this red room all to themselves too and naturally, the scene starts off with our guys getting to do their petting and foreplay. They know every inch of each other’s body and they’re happy to show it to you on camera too. Anyway, sit back and watch the guy with start tattoos getting on top of his friend and watch him take that meat deep in his ass. And now you get to see why the title is relevant. You get to see them talking dirty to one another and the guy riding the cock is basically begging his friend to fuck him faster and harder too. Have fun and see you once again next week with another new fresh update. Bye bye!

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Over 30 Gay Porn

Another fresh week and time for another new men over 30 gay porn update to be brought to you today. You remember the smallish guy from some past scenes and last week’s show don’t you? Well he gets to play with someone his own size today as we paired him with this new hunk and he gets to be the one on top for a chance. It’s not that he minds being the sub, but he likes to take the reins every now and then too. Anyway, let’s cock off his superb gay, steamy fuck session here with this other menover30 stud and you can see some more incredible and hot gay fucking getting done without any more delay, so let’s get it started!


There’s plenty of anal plowing getting done in this one as you can pretty much get from the preview. Well, both guys were looking smoking hot and ready to play. So straight away the new guy gets to lay on his bag, legs spread and eager to take some cock. The other hunk just goes in and starts making the guy feel good with his big and thick cock here today. Sit back and enjoy the nice show and we’ll see you once again soon with another new gallery. Meanwhile, take your time to enjoy the show with the two fucking each other right here and right now and have fun with it. See you soon and don’t forget to check out the past galleries for even more naughty scenes!

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Men Over 30 Porn

This week it’s time to see another new men over 30 porn scene here and we know you’re ready for it. This show features another couple relaxing in the living room for the afternoon and as you can see, there’s a hot blonde stud with blue eyes and his more petite friend that get to play in this one. The shorter guy is cute and hairy while, the blonde stud is big and muscled and since he’s bigger in both cock and body department he gets to be on top today by default. So let’s watch their menover30 scene here and watch them fucking on the black leather couch for the rest of this superb little scene. So let’s get the show going without delay!


The cameras roll and of course, it’s some more juicy and hot foreplay as the two end up kissing and caressing one another while they take off their clothes. You can tell that they were just incredibly eager to get to party hard today and once they were all nice and naked, you can even see some pretty awesome sixty nine getting done while they suck each other’s nice and big cocks too for the cameras. So let’s just get the thing going onward and then watch the small dude spreading his legs as well and taking it in the ass. You can see him moan while he gets fucked hard and deep and loves every second of it too. Bye bye for now and see you guys next week!

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Gay Over 30

Today we’re back with another gay men over 30 update for you. And once more in this one we get to take a trip back to the locker room to see another pair of hot hunks getting wild with one another. Sit back and enjoy the view of some more intense gay anal action in this one as this pair knows exactly what to do to put on a great show for the cameras and you here. So without further due, take your time to take a seat and enjoy the view. The gay scene with these two menover30 is one that you rarely get to see anywhere else, but as you know, here it’s at the very least, the weekly deal. Anyway, let’s just get the show started already!


Just like the last two that we got to see playing in a locker room, the story of these two is pretty similar today. They just got really horny after working out and they had to do something about it. So since they were going to get pretty messy in their fuck, they could have even more of a reason to hit the showers after. But anyway, watch the hairy guy without tattoos lay on his back for his tattooed buddy and you can see him spread his legs. Then check him out taking it in the ass missionary style. You get to see him fucked all over the place in the ass today and the cameras catch each and every single angle of this action scene here for you! Check out the site if you wanna see some naughty shemales having sex!

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Naked Men Over 30

Hey there once again everyone. We’re back with more new and juicy naked men over 30 goodies today and you just have to see what we have in store for you this week. Of course, it’s another scene with older guys getting funky for you and the camera, but this pair is superbly eager to get to play and true masters of a lot of sexual positions too. So naturally, you’ll get to see them try out all sorts of stuff in bed for you today too. Let’s start the show off as you get front row seats to this simply stunning and amazing menover30 gay fuck fest with them and we can promise that there’s a lot to see in their naughty and sensual gallery here today!

As the cameras start to roll, the two guys make their entry. And they are as eager as we told you, to get to play. That big bed in the room is going to be put to some good use, but first things first, do enjoy some stunning and superb views of the two guys getting to undress one another and kiss passionately here today. Once that’s done and said, the real fun begins with the guy with those colorful tattoos getting on top of his buddy. You can check him out jacking off himself as he rides his buddy reverse cowboy style today and loving every second of that hard cock stretching his ass. We’re hoping you had fun and naturally, more new and fresh scenes will follow soon!


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Men Over 30 – Hard Takedown

Hey there guys and welcome a new and hard style gay fuck session at men over today. We know you love seeing muscled hunks that have passed their thirties as they get to have some juicy fun and here’s another couple that is super duper horny and more than ready to get to play in front of the cameras with one another too. This one features two jocks that got horny after practice and since they were the only one in the locker room, in this superb menover30 scene, you can see them getting down and dirty with one another before they go take their shower too. So let’s just get the show going and see the action already!

The guy with the tribal tattoo seems to get to be the one to take the reins in their little hot and sensual fuck and you just have to get to watch the foreplay for this one too. He has the guy with the colorful tattoos kneeling and sucking his dick with a passion. And as he’s mouth fucking the guy you can see that the man slut was getting hard as well signifying that he was more and more eager to get to take it in the ass. So watch him bend over that stud and see him making him moan loudly as he fucks him from behind in their naughty scene. We’ll have another amazing gay fuck fest ready for you to check out next week as well so make sure that you drop by!

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Gay Porn Men Over 30

Well here we are with more gay porn men over 30 to show you as they get to have some sweet action with each other. This new show has a bald guy with lots of tattoos as he gets to be the dom in this little fuck of his with his more petite buddy. And in this scene you get to see them party hard with one another for you and the cameras without delay too. Let’s just get the show going already and see some pretty juicy and sensual gay fuck sessions heree without delay. We bet that you will just adore the sight of these two having sex and it lasts for a nice and long while as well, so there’s plenty of images in their menover30 gallery to see!

When the show starts off, you can see these two making their entry to their bed room and they seem all ready to play kinky. Sit back and watch some incredible foreplay getting done with them as they get to lose their clothes for you and the cameras first and foremost. And both the hunks have some spectacular bodies that are muscled too. Well after all that kissing and caressing, sit back and click here to watch the guy that’s getting to be on the receiving end as he gets to take his time to suck hid buddy off and make sure that his cock is hard for his ass. Then he gets to bend over and moan in pleasure while that cock stretches his ass nicely!


Watch here this guy getting his ass stuffed!

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